How to Reset Combination Pad Locks

Combination pad locks operate with a dial on the front, allowing you to rotate the dial to the appropriate numbers and open the lock. If you believe your security combination is compromised, you may need to reset the combination on your pad lock. If you have problems resetting the combination, or if you don't have the old combination, call your local locksmith for assistance.

Work with your combination pad lock in the "Unlocked" position. Call a qualified locksmith or use bolt cutters to open the lock if it is in the "Closed" position and you don't know the old combination.

Turn the collar clockwise until it stops rotating, which should be about halfway around.

Insert the reset lever into the keyhole located on the back of your pad lock. Turn the key in the direction indicated on the back of the lock until it doesn't turn any further.

Set the combination wheels to the combination you choose. Your combination should be numbers that someone wouldn't guess. If possible, try not to use birthdays, addresses and other important numbers in your new pad lock combination.

Remove the reset lever after you turn it in the direction opposite of the arrow indicated on the back of the lock.

Rotate the collar the opposite direction from before (counterclockwise) until it comes to rest at its original position.

Try your new combination three times to make sure it works.

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