How to Refill a Blowtorch

creme brulee image by Silvia Bogdanski from

Blowtorches add new dimensions to cooking by allowing chefs to crisp foods, melt cheese or caramelise sugar without additional time in the oven. Blowtorches commonly are used to melt cheese on top of French onion soup and to caramelise the top of creme brulee, for example. The torches usually last for about 60 minutes of continued use. Most models use butane to refill the fuel.

Unlatch the bottom cover of the blowtorch. Pull the gas canister gently from the blowtorch.

Set the canister on a flat surface with the refill notch -- usually a small hole -- pointing up. Grip the canister in your hand.

Invert the can of butane over the canister and line up the injection tube with the blowtorch canister's refill notch.

Press the butane down to release the gas into the blowtorch canister. Observe the pressure on the butane bottle. The canister is filled when it feels like the butane is being repelled from the canister.

Insert the canister back into the blowtorch and latch the cover shut.

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