How to Find Out a P.O. Box Number

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Post office boxes are used by individuals and businesses who do not want to receive mail to a physical address. This service is used by businesses with multiple offices or a fluid location, and individuals seeking privacy through anonymity. Large organisations, such as credit card companies, may have unique P.O. Box numbers for each department. You may need to verify a P.O. Box number to contact an organisation in writing or retrieve mail. Customers and clients may find this information in a public directory. Box holders who have forgotten or misplaced their box information may request information directly from the post office.

Navigate to the website of the business that you'd like to contact. Find the P.O. Box number in the "Contact" tab.

Look up the agency in the phone book or similar directory. Call and inquire about the mailing address. Ensure the address you receive is not the street address.

Complete a written request for box holder information as per the Freedom of Information Act. Fax detailed request to the Manager of the Post Office Records Office at 202-268-5353. Or mail to the Custodian of Records at the postal facility in question.

Request USPS form 1093 from the post office, or download it from the USPS website. (See Resources)

Complete the form. Assign authorised users by completing the "Special Orders" section of form 1093. Bear in mind that authorised users may request information about the P.O. Box and remove mail.

Visit the post office with two forms of identification and documentation that shows you are an authorised user of the box.

Request the unknown P.O. Box number.

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