How to Create a Map With Pinpoints

Thumbtack in a map image by Nikolay Okhitin from

Pinpointing locations on a map is a great way to plan a trip or educate others. The traditional method would have been to roll out a huge map and start looking for small print. But then of course you are not left any room for descriptions. Now, you can use free online software to pinpoint locations on maps, add descriptions and even add some video of the location you have pinpointed. This serves as a great educational reference because it not only shows you a location you can also learn something about it.

Log into Google Maps and click on "My Maps." Select the "Create a New Map" option.

Adjust the map, so you can see the desired location. This is done simply by clicking and moving the mouse. You can also zoom in or out by using the tool on the left hand side of the map.

Select the "Pinpoint" tool for the menu on the top left hand corner. Click on your desired location to place the pin. Once the pin is placed, you can add a description, pictures or video. Once you have added your desired features, click "OK"

Save your map for future reference.

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