How to Make Free Printable Address List

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While saving address and other contact information for friends, family and work associates on the computer saves time and keeps them organized, a printed list is always handy and available when needed. You never know when your power will go out or your computer will crash. To be prepared for any occasion, make an address list on your computer to print and post for easy access any time.

Open the word processing software available on your computer. Set the document size to "Letter" or 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Feel free to change the size of the document to fit your needs.

Create a new table with four columns. Designate the columns with the following titles; Name, Address, Phone and Email. Consider adding a column for additional information about each person, such as birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions.

Type the contact information for each person on your list under the correct columns. Make sure to include further information for each person as necessary, such as spouse's or children's names along with work or cell phone numbers.

Place paper in the printer as directed for the paper type. Click on the printer icon on the screen to choose your printing options.

Follow the directions in the printer pop up to complete printing the address list.

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