How to Answer a Divorce Petition

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It is important to determine the deadline for an answer to a divorce petition right away. Read the divorce petition carefully to determine the response time or contact your county clerk's office. Have your answer submitted before this deadline or you may forgo your rights throughout the divorce proceedings.

Obtain an answer form from your county clerk's office in the city or county in which you reside. You may consult your divorce attorney to walk you through the form to fill it out accordingly. If there are any discrepancies concerning the allegations, make your lawyer aware of them right away.

Create a statement concerning each allegation in the petition. You will need to clearly state whether you admit to them or deny them individually. Fill out the entire form accordingly to include all of the information required from you. Allow your lawyer to go over the form before submitting it.

Use a pre-filled petition answer form if you do not have an attorney. This will provide you with a better outline throughout the response process and will ensure the allegations are addressed entirely.

Include your personal information including your telephone number and attorney's information. Indicate if you do not have an attorney available. Include your petition number on the answer form to reflect which petition is being responded to. Locate this number on the top right side of the divorce petition and transfer it to your answer form.

Read the document to determine whether you will need a witness for your signature. Sign your name and date the document as soon as you have completed it or wait to do so in front of a witness. A valid witness would be a notary public. Search through your telephone book to locate a notary public or consult your lawyer to obtain information on where to find one.

File the document at the county clerk's office within the time frame indicated. Serve a copy of the answer to the petition to your spouse or his lawyer right away. You may choose to hand deliver the document but it is most common to mail the document to either party.

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