How to Remove the Rear Seat in a Mercedes

The rear seats in every Mercedes-Benz sedan can be removed. The attachments are similar in every model, and the seat cushions all come out in the same direction. Removing the seat cushions and seat backs make for easier repair or replacement of the covers on the cushions and seat backs.

Removing the seats also makes it easier to work on the wiring, as the rear tail light wiring runs under the rear seats.

Move both front seats forward to create more space in the rear of the car.

Get in the back seat. Place both hands on the edge of the seat cushion and push toward the seat back. You will not feel much movement. By pushing forward you are releasing the clasp from under the seat cushion. Push the seat cushion up. The cushion will release and detach.

Unhook both seat backs and pivot them forward. Lay the seat backs down in the empty space for the seat cushions.

Open the boot. Remove the three screws holding the boot divide that separates the boot from the passenger cabin. They are located at top centre, far left and far right. Remove the divide.

Unscrew the nut located between both seat backs attached near the bottom of the seat back. You can reach this nut through the boot.

Open each rear door. While the seat backs are down, unscrew the two nuts located on the side of the seat back closest to the door. Do this for both seats. Lift the seat backs from the hinges and remove them.