How to Donate Stuff to the Salvation Army

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Donating to charity can be meaningful and fulfilling. It can also help you clear out clutter from your home while helping someone in need. The Salvation Army accepts donations in many forms, including money, clothing, automobiles and even airline miles. The Salvation Army will arrange to pick up your donated goods, or you can bring them to your local Salvation Army drop-off location.

Call your local chapter and find out what they need. Although most Salvation Army chapters take all donations in good condition, it is best to double check. Ask for a list of in-demand items, as this may remind you of items you have that need to be donated.

Ask your local chapter about delivery and pick up of donations. Some chapters will pick up donations if they are over a certain amount or contain large items like a used car. If pickup will not be possible, get directions to the nearest drop-off centre.

Search your house for clothes that you no longer use. Have your children go through their closets as well. Make sure items are in good, usable condition. Remove all stained and irreparably torn items.

Ask your neighbours and friends if they have anything to donate. Organising a community donation is a great way to convince others to give as well. Offer to pick up their stuff and help them. You can also organise a community fundraiser like a car wash or bake sale.

Fold all clothes and make sure any boxes you pack are weatherproof. Call the Salvation Army and tell the representative the size of your donation. Arrange the pick up or drop off. Or schedule a pickup time online (see Resources). Request receipts so that you can track your donation for tax purposes.

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