How to Use Borner Slicer

The Borner company produces a line of manual slicing appliances for home kitchen use. The Borner slicer is versatile and allows you to cut foods into various patterns including basic slices, sticks and julienne by changing the removable blades included with the slicer.

Position the slicer on a counter or cutting board with the v-shaped blade pointing up and the raised end toward you. The single point at the bottom of the "v" should point away from you. Place the insert desired into the slicer. It will snap in with an audible click. If you wish to make simple slices, use one of the inserts without the toothlike blades. If you wish to make sticks, french fries or julienne cut foods, use one of the inserts with the toothlike blades, blades pointing up.

Place the food into the food holder by pressing it gently against the pins on the underside of the holder. For foods such as cucumbers or long carrots, you may wish to begin slicing without the holder until the whole portion becomes a little shorter, then switch to using the holder.

Run the food along the track of the slicer, using either the holder or your hand, repeating the motion to slice the food. Be very careful of the blade or blades. As the food becomes of a size that is manageable with the holder, use the holder for optimum safety.

Clean the slicer in warm soapy water. Remove the insert for thorough cleaning. Allow to dry before putting away.