Instructions for Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles

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The Eye Clops company creates various toys and products, including hand-held projectors and night vision goggles. The Eye Clops Night Vision 2.0 goggles allow you to see over 50 feet in complete darkness. According to Eye Clops, the Night Vision 2.0 goggles utilise infrared technology. The Eye Clops company improved upon the original design of their night vision goggles by adding a dual eye display to the 2.0 model.

Locate the battery compartment found on the underside of your Night Vision 2.0 goggles. Remove the single screw from the compartment using a Phillips head screwdriver. Lift the cover off the battery compartment. Align 5 AA batteries in the compartment.

Fasten the cover in place by tightening the screw. Examine the top of your Night Vision 2.0 goggles to locate the power button. Push the button forward to power-on your Eye Clops goggles. Walk to an area that has little to no light.

Lift the curved visor of the goggles up to your eyes. Place your finger onto the small wheel found in front of the visor. Rotate the wheel to adjust the width of the dual eye display.

Locate the small switches found at the front of the Night Vision 2.0 goggles. Flip the left switch to change between various military and spy display modes. Move the right switch to change the view from a long-range mode to a close proximity mode.

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