How to trace a landline phone number

Nuisance calls can annoy the receiver and interrupt the normal course of the day. Since private, anonymous, and out of area calls are still acceptable, it is not an easy task to reveal these numbers. Since the landline phone number is wired, there is always an address attached.

By following specific steps, you can use your best effort in tracing a landline phone number.

Trace the call by dialling *57 after a nuisance call is received. This activates the call trace feature used by telephone service providers and the phone number will be traced. The data from the traced phone number is not released to the customer, rather it is given to local law enforcement to pursue an investigation.

Dial *69 to turn on your call return feature which allows you to receive the phone number of the last caller. Once this number is received, you have information on the caller and you can proceed to file a complaint against the offender.

Perform a reverse lookup of the phone number, which can provide the name and address of the landline caller. There are many online services that offer free phone number searches. You will enter the phone number into the website and the caller's name and address will appear.

File a report with the local police department, if necessary, with the information that you receive.