Instructions for a Wireless Phone Jack

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Nearly everything can be converted to work wirelessly these days, even your home phone jack. A wireless phone jack will allow you to run fax machines, modems, home telephone lines and even satellite receives without having to rewire your house. All you need is the wireless phone jack system and a power outlet. Whereas it could cost you £65 or more to get the telephone company to install a new phone jack in your house. Set-up is as simple as plug and play.

Find a location for the base unit. Make sure it's close enough to a 120-volt power outlet.

Plug one end of the telephone cord into the base unit and the other into a wall jack. In the book "The Complete Guide to Home Wiring," Andrew Karre warns, "It is important to plug in the base unit before the receiver unit. In the event of a problem, unplug both units and start again."

Plug your phone cord into the opposite end of the base unit.

Put the base unit's power cord into the electrical socket.

Plug in the extension unit into a separate electrical socket.

Plug another telephone into the extension unit or plug in your computer modem's jack.

Check the phone for dial tone.

Put all phones connected to the wireless phone jack back on the hook. Double check to make sure the power cords are plugged into the wall sockets.

Take a pen, paper clip or a very thin item and press the recessed coding button on the base unit.

Press the button on the extension unit after the green light turns on, on the base unit.

Wait for the lights to flash on the extension unit then take the phone connected to the extension unit off the hook.

Check for the green light on the base unit to go out and then your codes are set. If the green light does not go out, repeat the steps.

Double check the power outlets if there is no dial tone. Plug them into other electronics to make sure they are working. Plug in the wireless jack again and listen for dial tone.

Move base unit and extension unit away from radio, televisions, lamps, surge protectors and other electricity-run products if there is static.

Move the extension unit closer to the base unit if you have problems making outbound calls.

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