How to remove a content control in T-Mobile

EE Limited

As a mobile service provider offering Internet access on select phones, T-Mobile offers parents an option to restrict content for children under 18.

Based on the level of content control selected, websites with adult content such as nudity, excessive violence, gore, strong language, and other material potentially inappropriate for minor will be inaccessible. However with proof of age and account billing information the content controls can be disabled.

Visit a T-Mobile shop with the credit card that you pay the bill with. Bring a government-issued ID or passport. Provide your mobile phone number and name to the representative and request that the content lock be disabled. If you do not have access to a T-Mobile shop, proceed to Step 2.

Call 1818 from the T-Mobile phone with the content lock. Listen to the automated prompts, enter your credit card information when prompted. Select the option to "disable." You can also dial 150 and speak directly to a T-Mobile representative.

Attempt to access the blocked website directly on the phone. A screen appears prompting you for account information. Enter the requested information to unblock the content.