How to Get a Good Tan in a Week

tanned blond #2 image by Lev Dolgatshjov from

Tanning your skin naturally takes some time, but you can deepen tanning results with the help of supplemental tanning products. Get a good base tan in one week instead of two by sticking to a regular tanning schedule and applying a bronzing lotion.

Whether prepping your skin for a trip to the beach or just trying to add colour to pale skin, a fast tan will give your body a healthy glow.

Shave the parts of your body you normally shave before tanning. Shaving your legs, for instance, after tanning will diminish your tan.

Put on your swimming costume and tie back any loose hair. Remove jewellery that may leave white marks on your skin.

Oil your body with tanning oil. Use tanning oil that contains an SPF of 15. Apply a sunscreen to your face to protect it from tanning. Your facial sunscreen needs to have an SPF of 30 or higher.

Lay a blanket or towel in private sunny spot in your yard or deck. Place sunglasses over your eyes and set your timer for fifteen minutes. Lie on your back facing the sun until the alarm rings. Turn over and lie on your stomach. Reset the alarm and tan for another fifteen minutes.

Shower with cool/warm water rinsing away the excess oil. Step out of the shower and pat your skin dry.

Moisturise your body with a bronzing lotion. Start at your feet and work upwards. Avoid applying bronzing lotion to your face.

Rinse your hands and in between your toes to avoid staining. Repeat the tanning every day for a week, or as often as you can.