Assembly Instructions for an Ikea Poang Chair

Ikea is a Swedish company that specialises in selling furniture and home accessories. Ikea sells kitchen, bedroom and living room furniture at their stores located worldwide. Many different styles of Ikea chairs are available, including the Poang.

The Poang chair is made from strips of curved, laminated wood and has canvas webbing in the seat area. Different colours of seat pads are available for purchase separately. Once assembled, you can begin enjoying your Poang chair.

Lay the chair seat and the chair back on their sides. Line up the mounting holes on the back and the seat, ensuring that the lapped portions of the mounting area on each part fit together flush.

Insert a short mounting stud through the bottom of the chair through one of the mounting holes. Secure the stud with a short mounting bolt threaded into the mounting hole from the top. Tighten the stud and bolt with the hex tool provided and a Phillips screwdriver. Flip the Velcro strap on the chair seat over the bottom of the mounting stud and press it into place. Repeat for the other mounting hole.

Lay one of the two chair legs on a flat surface with the mounting holes facing upward. Insert the mounting studs in the two cross braces into the mounting holes vertically, then press the other chair leg onto the top of the cross braces.

Insert the four circular nuts into the round holes on each end of each cross brace until they are flush with the surface of the brace. Thread a long bolt into the mounting hole on the chair leg opposite of where the nut was inserted. Tighten the bolts into the nuts with the hex tool provided and a flat blade screwdriver.

Lay the assembled chair in between the leg assembly, lining up the mounting holes in the legs with the holes at the front of the chair seat and midway up on each side of the chair back. Secure the chair to the leg assembly with the medium-sized bolts tightened with the hex tool provided.

Turn the chair upright onto its legs. Place the headrest onto position on the seat back. Secure the snaps on the headrest straps onto the back side of the chair.