How do I Replace the Battery on a Casio Waveceptor 4303?

The Casio Waveceptor 4303 is a self-adjusting radio-controlled wristwatch that keeps time by receiving the continuously broadcast atomic time signal from the National Institute of Standards and Technology research station in Fort Collins, Colorado. When the battery in your Casio Waveceptor dies, you can complete the battery replacement process at home in just minutes.

Arrange everything that you need for the battery replacement process on a clean, flat surface near a source of bright natural or artificial light. Place a soft optical cloth or neoprene mouse pad on the work surface to protect the finish of the watch from being scratched.

Place your Waveceptor watch facedown on the padded work surface. Note the positioning of the notches on the back of the watch case; move the tips of a watch case opening tool to align with the notches.

Hold the watch facedown in the palm of your hand. Place the tips of the watch case opening tool into the corresponding notches on the back of the watch case. Twist the nut at the bottom of the tool to tighten its grip on the watch.

Use the watch case opening tool and the palm of your hand to apply gentle pressure to both sides of the Waveceptor watch case. Twist the case opening tool counterclockwise to remove the back of the case; set aside until you are ready to reassemble the watch.

Lift out the protective rubber gasket and plastic plate with a pair of small, needle-nose tweezers; set these components aside.

Use the tip of the needle-nose tweezers to pry up the strap that holds the battery in place in the Waveceptor's battery compartment. Remove the spent watch battery and discard or recycle it.

Insert a new battery into the watch's battery compartment. Apply gentle pressure to the battery with the tip of your finger until you hear it click into place. Push down the battery strap to hold the new battery in place.

Reassemble your Waveceptor watch to complete the battery replacement process. Replace the removed protective plastic plate, followed by the rubber gasket. Align the watch back with the back of the watch case and squeeze them between your fingers until you hear the case snap together.

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