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How to Attach a Double Shoulder Strap to a Ping Hoofer Vantage

Updated July 20, 2017

Ping's Hoofer Vantage golf bag consists of five club-dividing sections at the mouth, and seven pockets throughout its polypropylene canvas body. It is offered in numerous colours, and can be personalised and custom-embroidered by the manufacturer. Double kickstands extend when the bag is placed firmly on ground, making for easy access when you're deciding which club to use, and the average weight without clubs is 2.49 Kilogram. Ping Hoofer Vantage bags already come double-strapped; however, strap replacements can be easily inserted.

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  1. Fasten the top of the new strap to the left side of the existing strap. The existing strap should be securely locked to the outer plastic rim of the bag; the new strap should be slid into the plastic mouth of the bag and locked in place the same way.

  2. Cross the new strap over the existing strap.

  3. Fasten the bottom of new strap to the right side of the existing strap.

  4. Extend the new strap to fit comfortably on your opposing shoulder.

  5. Tip

    The appropriate angle of a Ping Hoofer Vantage when hoisted over your shoulders is slightly bottom heavy, to keep clubs from sliding out.

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