How to Make a Rain Coat for Your Dog Out of a Trashbag

wet golden retriever looking forward image by Dario Principe from

A rainy day can spoil outdoor fun for both you and your dog. In order to keep your dog dry, a canine-sized raincoat may be the solution. Pet supply stores carry these speciality jackets, however, they tend to be expensive. Keep the raindrops off your furry friend using a simple raincoat fashioned out of an everyday trash or garbage bag. Since trash bags are made out of lightweight plastic, this raincoat will only last for a few wears but it is perfect in a pinch.

Purchase a dog raincoat pattern from your local sewing supply store.

Measure from your dog's breastbone to the middle of his shoulder blades and record. Measure from the base of his tail to his collar and record this measurement.

Insert your measurements from Step 2 into the pattern to adapt to your dog's specific size. You may need to add or subtract a few inches from the template pattern to fit your dog's measurements.

Cut the garbage bag down one side and across the bottom using your scissors. You should have one flat piece of plastic when you are done.

Lay your pattern onto the garbage bag and tape into place. Cut around the pattern, being careful not to tear the bag.

Place the plastic onto your dog and adjust to his body.

Bring the tummy pieces down so that they meet and tape into place.

Join the collar pieces together at the base of your dog's neck and tape into place.

Fasten the chest piece into place onto the tummy and collar joints with tape.

Tailor the trash bag coat to your dog by tucking and taping any loose areas.

For extra coverage, add a hood using another trash bag. Create a semicircle shape for the hood using measurements of your dog's head. Measure your dog from ear to ear with the measuring tape going over his head. This will be the base of the semicircle. Then measure from the middle of his head to the tip of his nose. This will be the height of the semicircle. Locate the centre of the semicircle base then measure the height and make a mark at this top point. Draw a smooth, curving line downward from the top of the semicircle to each end point of the base. Cut the semicircle out and attach the base of the hood to the collar piece of your raincoat using tape.

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