How to Build a Wax Melter

You can build a safe and efficient wax melter from items you may already have in your kitchen. Wax melting is safest when temperatures are regulated and the process is constantly attended. Overheating wax can release toxic fumes and cause fire. By using boiling water and steam as the direct source of heat you will be able to keep wax temperatures in a safe range throughout the melt. Make a simple wax melter for your next project.

Place a fire extinguisher within reach so that it can be retrieved quickly if needed. Working with hot wax is dangerous and should never be done without a working fire extinguisher.

Select a large pot or sauce pan with a thick metal bottom and fill it with about two inches of water. Place a metal ring or cookie cutter in the bottom of the pot or pan.

Set the large pot or sauce pan on the stove at medium high heat and wait for it to come to slow bowl. This will only take a few minutes depending on the size of the vessel you are using.

Lower the temperature on the stove to medium low and rest the medium metal pot on the metal ring or cookie cutter inside the larger pot. Finding a medium pot with a pour lip will make pouring out the melted wax cleaner.

Add the solid wax pieces into the medium pot or sauce pan and stir with a wooden spoon as the wax melts. Once the wax has been added you should not leave the wax melter unattended until it is turned off.

Add water to the side of the larger pot as the level goes down due to evaporation.

Turn off the stove heating your wax melter before removing the melted wax to avoid dripping wax into the open flames.

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