How to Remove the Miata's Bumper

Removing the bumper of a Mazda Miata is relatively simple. Mazda designed it to be easily removed because there are other repairs that cannot be accomplished without the removal of the bumper. The grille, lights, radiator, horn and other parts are inaccessible without removing the bumper. With the proper tools, it is a task that can be accomplished by anyone. Removing the Miata bumper is a task that should take approximately 20 minutes once the process has been mastered.

Set the parking brake. Place wheel chocks behind the rear wheels.

Loosen the lug nuts on both front wheels.

Place the jack under the chassis of the car, along the frame rail. Jack up the vehicle. Place jack stand under the vehicle to replace the jack. Repeat for the other side of the car.

Remove the lug nuts on the front wheels. Remove the wheels.

Locate the plastic rivets holding the plastic wheel well liners in place. There should be 27 of these rivets in each wheel well on both sides of the vehicle. Insert a Phillips screwdriver into the centre rivet. Turn the rivet a quarter turn, causing the pin to rise. Pull it out. Repeat for the other 26 rivets then repeat the process on the other side of the vehicle.

Insert a flat head screwdriver through the slot in the top portion of the grill. Apply pressure down and away from the grill. Two 10mm bolts should be exposed. Remove both bolts.

Open the bonnet. Remove the eight 10mm bolts that secure the top of the bumper.

Crawl beneath the front of the Miata. Remove the 10 bolts that secure the bottom of the bumper.

Remove the smaller, front section of the wheel well liner. Pull down the larger rear section of the wheel well liner. Let it hang loose. Repeat the process on the other wheel well liner.

Remove the two 10mm nuts and one 10mm bolt that secures the bumper to the fender. Repeat the process on the other side of the Mazda.

Unplug the electrical connectors for the fog lights and side marker lights. This should be done on both sides of the vehicle.

Pull the bumper straight forward along the two plastic guide pins. If all fasteners have been removed and all electric connectors have been unplugged, the bumper should come off the vehicle easily.

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