How to Frame & Display Concert Souvenirs

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While memories always live in the heart, a visual reminder of fun events such as concerts can be a great way to keep those memories close at hand. Concert souvenirs can include photos, ticket stubs, album artwork and concert posters. Depending on the type of souvenir you want to display, you can use a small or very large photo frame to display your treasured memories.

Obtain a picture frame that is sufficiently large to display your concert souvenirs. Souvenirs displayed in a picture frame need to be flat, such as concert tickets, posters, photos or concert programs. Buy a shadowbox frame if you want to display larger items, such as a T-shirt and program.

Separate the front of the picture frame (with the frame and glass or acrylic cover) from the back of the picture frame. Set the paper or cardboard backing aside.

Add construction paper to the backing, if desired. Glue the paper of your choice (select a colour that echoes some of the colours in your concert souvenirs to make them have more visual impact) to the frame backing.

Arrange the concert souvenirs on the background in a way that allows everything to be clearly seen and that uses the entire space available. Do not glue souvenirs on during this step. Simply arrange the souvenirs until you find your favourite look.

Glue or tape the souvenirs to the frame backing one at a time. Attach photos with adhesive photo mounting squares, if desired. Or attach items with decorative pins.

Wait for the glue to completely dry. This time can vary based upon the amount and type of glue used. Allow at least an hour unless directed otherwise on the label of the glue.

Reassemble the picture frame, placing the glass or acrylic front carefully on top of the frame backing. Attach any frame clips or slides to keep the frame firmly in place.

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