How to change a mastercard secure code

Laurence Dutton/Photodisc/Getty Images

The MasterCard SecureCode programme provides cardholders with additional buyer protection during online shopping. Register your card at the SecureCode site for your financial institution and create a unique personal identification number.

When shopping at a participating online merchant, your financial institution prompts you to enter the SecureCode PIN during checkout. Successfully entering your PIN provides a method of verifying card ownership. Your purchase is finalised. Log into your personal account to quickly change your SecureCode PIN online.

Log into the SecureCode website designated by your card issuer. Enter the 16-digit MasterCard number registered with SecureCode. Click Continue or Next.

Select "Change My Password" under Account Management. When prompted, enter current SecureCode.

Enter your new SecureCode. Enter the new SecureCode a second time to confirm changes.

Save your changes. Log out of the SecureCode website. Use your code immediately.