How to Install a Ford Galaxy Headlight Switch

If the headlights do not work on your Ford Galaxy, you may have a faulty headlight switch. This switch allows you to turn the low- and high-beam headlights on and off, as well as dim or brighten them. The headlight switch on the Ford Galaxy resides below the leftmost air vent on the driver's side of the vehicle. No special tools are needed to replace the headlight switch. Expect to spend about 30 minutes on the entire job.

Turn off your Ford Galaxy and prop open the bonnet.

Disconnect the negative battery cable from inside the engine compartment.

Remove the lower dashboard trim by popping it out of its slide-in tabs. Go around the perimeter of the lower dashboard trim, pulling on the edges to pop it entirely out of its housing.

Remove the headlight switch mounting screw from the headlight switch mounting bracket.

Pry the headlight switch from the headlight switch trim, using the screwdriver as a wedge.

Disconnect the two wiring harnesses from the rear of the headlight switch and connect them to the replacement headlight switch. Follow the previous steps in reverse to install the replacement headlight switch.

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