How to Replace a Brake Bulb on a VW Touareg

The Volkswagen Touareg is an affordable mid-size SUV with European styling. When the brake bulb burns out, you will need remove and replace it with a new one. To access the brake bulb, you'll have to remove the tail light unit from the Touareg, which is fairly easy to do. The job won't take you long, and all you will need is a Torx screwdriver and a wedge tool, both of which are available at most auto parts stores.

Park the Touareg on level ground and open the boot lid.

Pull off both screw covers from the inner side of both taillights. This will reveal T25 Torx screws.

Remove the screws from the taillights by turning them counterclockwise with a T25 Torx screwdriver.

Pull the tail light down to reveal its top edge.

Place a wedge tool between the body and the outside edge of the tail light.

Remove the tail light from the Touareg by pulling the tail light out toward you, with your hand on one side of the tail light and the wedge tool on the other.

Pull out the wiring harness from behind the tail light. Pull out the brake light bulb and put in a new one. The brake light bulb is a red bulb that is located right above the orange signal light.

Reinstall the wiring harness. Reattach the tail light assembly with the T25 screws. Place the screw covers back on the taillights. Close the trunk lid.

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