How to Empty the Dyson Ball Dirt Container

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The Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner is a revolutionary vacuum that uses advanced suction technology and has an easy to remove dirt bin, as opposed to the traditional vacuum bags found in older models.

But what makes the Dyson Ball stand out from its sweeper counterparts is the fact that it sits on a ball, making it easy to turn sharp corners or do a 360-degree spin while cleaning. If you see that the dirt bin is full, the next step is to empty it out, which is a fairly simple process.

Turn off the Dyson Ball and unplug it.

Grip the handle that sits atop the dust bin and press the "Catch" button to release it from the vacuum. Pull the bin out, separating it from the vacuum.

Hold the dirt bin by its handle over the top of an open garbage can. Press the release button located on top of the cyclone handle to empty the dirt from the bottom of the bin.

Wait for the dust to settle, then close the bottom of the dirt bin by pressing it up until it snaps back into place.

Set the bin back into the area of the vacuum that you got it from, making sure to wiggle it and press it in until you hear it snap back into place.