How to dispose of perfumes

Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images

If you're thinning out your perfume collection and need to throw some away, it's necessary to dispose of it properly. Properly discarding old or near-empty perfumes is easy. If done the right way, you won't experience any leakage which can stain fabrics and create unpleasant smells. Knowing how to dispose of perfumes gives you the ability to cut back on clutter while keeping your surroundings free of spills in the process. This disposal process doesn't take much time at all, making it extremely easy to complete.

Place the bottles of perfume that you are discarding, carefully, into the plastic bag. Choose a plastic zipper bag that doesn't tear easily. This keeps liquids and glass contained if the bottles break.

Zip up the bag securely once the perfume bottles are in it.

Place the bag of perfume bottles into your garbage can. Do this right before the bag goes out into the trash.

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