How to Increase iPod Reception

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The Apple iPod comes with a built-in radio tuner. This allows you to listen to local radio stations without carrying several different electronic devices at the same time. However, like other portable FM radios, the signal to your favourite station may drop in and out.

In order to correct this there are a few methods available to boost the reception of your Apple iPod.

Keep your cell phone in a different pocket. The wireless signal received by the cell phone may interfere with the frequency obtained by the iPod, distorting the audio sound effects.

Move away from an metal objects. The metal reflects the radio frequency, causing your iPod to lose a signal from the FM station.

Completely insert the headphones into the headphone jack on the iPod. If the headphones are not completely inserted, you are going to lose audio quality.

Insert the iPod in an armband or other device that is not hidden away in a pocket. This leaves the iPod exposed to the strongest available radio frequency.

Move above ground, or from outside of large, concrete buildings. Thick levels of concrete block out the FM radio reception from your iPod.