How to Make a Pivot Chart Active in a PowerPoint Slide

Chart analysis image by Dmitriy Lesnyak from

Pivot tables is a feature in Excel that affords users the ability to summarise large amounts of data. The charts are interactive; sections can be collapsed or maximised depending on where a user wants to focus at any given time. Pivot charts can also be a useful tool for PowerPoint users who want a condensed way to display data in a presentation.

Open the pivot chart in Excel. Highlight the parameters of the chart and select "Copy" from the "Home" tab.

Open PowerPoint and navigate to the slide where you want the pivot table to appear.

Click on the downward arrow beneath the "Paste" icon and select "Paste Special."

Choose "Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object" from the drop-down menu -- it will be the first option. Click "OK."

Change the size of the chart, if desired, by dragging the corners of the image. Double-click on the image of the pivot chart to make it active. Click on the slide outside of the pivot chart to return it to image format.

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