How to put out a chip pan fire

Chips during frying image by Elzbieta Sekowska from

Chip pans use hot oil to cook food and a fire can break out if proper cooking techniques are neglected. It's important to know the proper fire-extinguishing procedure. Do not pour water on the flames because oil floats on top of water and could cause the flames to spread.

While generally recommended to leave fire-extinguishing to the professionals, a small chip pan fire can be successfully controlled.

Turn off the heat source to the chip pan, standing as far away from the pan as possible when you do this.

Hold a towel under running water until it's thoroughly moist. Wring the towel until water no longer drips from because too much water can cause the fire to spread.

Cover the entire chip pan with the towel. The moist towel will deprive the flames of oxygen, thus putting out the fire.

Pour baking soda on top of the towel and around the chip pan. Baking soda also will deprive the flames of oxygen.

Leave the house and call your local fire brigade if the fire is out of control.