How to display purses for a craft show

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Crafts shows can be one venue to sell your handmade purses or purses you bought wholesale. Whether you make your purses or purchase and resell them, how you display your product can make the difference in your sales. Many of the purse display ideas are inexpensive and portable.

Set up your display grids as one big square. These wire walls will double as a place to display your purses and create an enclosed space. Depending on the size of your show space, which is usually 3 m x 3 m (10 feet x10 feet), this may require several wire display panels attached side by side. You are creating the wall around your area. Use imitation flowers to string at the top and along the sides of your walls to create an inviting look. You will display your purses from hooks attached to the grids.

Attach the wire grids to the beams or other nearby structure. If you can only afford a few wire grid panels, this still provides a nice display for your purses. If your area has beams or columns, prop up a wall panel against each beam with a bungee cord. You could even encase the beam with the wire panels and display your purses around all four sides suspended from the grid hooks.

Decorate your display tables with fabric, sheets or scarves and display your sale purses on top. Use imitation flowers to line the edges of the table to make it look more attractive. Glass beads add a sparkling touch and can be sprinkled all around the purses on top of your display tables.

Hang your purses along the front and side edge of your display tables. Use a bungee cord to keep them in place.

Stretch bungee cords from one beam to the next, connecting them if possible, and use clothes pins to attach each purse by its handle. If you don't have money for wire grids, you can still work with bungee cords but you need something to anchor the bungee cords to. If the craft show area doesn't have beams or a wall to mount them, disregard this step.

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