How to Install Custom Skins on Hitman: Blood Money

Bald man from backside image by TekinT from

"Hitman: Blood Money" protagonist Agent 47 is drawn as a sort of sinister spin on Mr. Clean, with his shiny bald head, furrowed brow and jowls that suggest a permanent frown.

But those playing the PC version of this fourth instalment of the wildly popular video game series, which has spawned a novel and Hollywood film, can switch up the agent's look with a number of colourful "skins." These user-created downloads lend hair or loud outfits to 47's look, and one even makes him look like a zombie.

Visit a game forum or personal website that offers skins; see Resources for some of the most popular sites. Download packages of several skins, or choose individual looks. Each skin includes three files: one each for the face, torso and legs. Make sure to run virus scans on all files you download and not to install any file retrieved from a site that is flagged by your web browser or service provider. You can find sites by searching for "Hitman Blood Money skins."

Download Glacier Tex Editor using the link in Resources. This program allows users to edit "textures," which are files that dictate a game's aesthetics. Before installing the program, make sure to scan it for viruses and other malware.

Unzip Glacier Tex Editor using WinZip, which is linked in Resources, or a similar program. Follow the installation instructions.

Open Glacier Tex Editor and click "Open ZIP" near the top and centre of the window. Select the folder in which you installed the game. By default, this is C:\Program Files\Eidos\Hitman Blood Money. Open the "Scenes" folder.

Install various skins for "Hitman: Blood Money" into the directory for each individual mission. "Closed jacket" skins are for missions in which 47's trademark jacket is buttoned closed. "Open jacket" skins are for the five missions in which his jacket is open: A Vintage Year, Flatline, A New Life, A Murder of Crows and Till Death Do Us Part. Any skin can be used on any mission, but certain skins may not look right on some.

Each mission has a corresponding folder: Hideout (Hideout), Death of a Showman (M00), A Vintage Year (M01), You Better Watch Out (M02), Curtains Down (M03), Flatline (M04), A New Life (M05), A Murder of Crows (M06), Death on the Mississippi (M08), Till Death Do Us Part (M09), A House of Cards (M10), A Dance with the Devil (M11), Amendment XXVII (M12), and Requiem (M13).

Open the folder for the mission in which you would like to use a custom skin.

Double-click on "" This will bring up a long list of files. Type "hitman_01_face" into the search box and click "Search." Two matches will come up; you will only need to use the top one. Single-click the top line so it is highlighted in blue.

Click "Import" in the bottom-left corner. Open the folder containing one of the skins you just downloaded. Select the file with the name that ends in "_face."

Repeat steps 1 through 4, but in steps 3 and 4 substitute "face" with "torso." Repeat again, this time substituting with "legs." Finally, click "Update ZIP" on the main screen.