How to reset the bearcat bc200xlt

The Bearcat BC200XLT is a 200-channel portable scanner. You can program it for known frequencies, scan for active frequencies and store stations that interest you for future listening. It monitors police, fire brigade and paramedic broadcasts, NOAA weather frequencies, business and industrial radio transmissions, and land transportation frequencies for trucking firms, buses, taxis, tow trucks and railroads. You can also use it to pick up marine and amateur ham radio bands. If you want to clear the memory of all stored channels, you can easily reset the scanner.

Rotate the Bearcat BC200XLT scanner's "On/Off-Volume" knob counterclockwise to turn it off.

Set the scanner on its back on a hard surface.

Press the "Manual," "2" and "9" keys simultaneously with your left hand, and hold them down.

With your right hand, rotate the scanner's "On/Off-Volume" knob clockwise to turn it on, while still holding the keys with the other hand.

Continue holding the keys until you hear a "click" sound. The scanner is now reset, and the display will show that all the channels are cleared to "000.0000."

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