How to Read the Date Code on a Snickers Bar

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Knowing how to decode the numbers on your Snickers chocolate bar ensures you will purchase only fresh candy. Although candy does not have an actual expiration date, candy that is more than a year old can be stale and not as flavourful. Check the code on the back of each bar to ensure you are purchasing a fresh, tasty chocolatey treat.

Find the code on the back of your Snickers chocolate bar. Mars Inc., which make Snickers bars, usually uses a 10-digit code of letters and numbers. The first three numbers represent the date the chocolate bar was produced.

Look at the first number. It represents the last digit of the year the chocolate bar was produced. If the number is zero, the Snickers bar was created in 2010.

Look at the second and third numbers, which indicate the week of the year the chocolate bar was made. If the number is 16, this means the chocolate bar was made the 16th week of 2010, or between the 11th and 17th of April.

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