How to update a disk for toyota gps

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Toyota annually updates the map database for your vehicle's in-dash navigation system with current roads, street names and direction options. Using the most recent maps available will ensure that you reach your destination in the fastest and most efficient way.

To update the maps used by your navigation system, you will need to purchase the newest map disc from your local Toyota dealership. The 2010 update CD cost £129.

Find out which version of the map is installed on your GPS system. Use the "Menu" button on the right side of the display and then select "Map DVD" on the screen. Your GPS system will display your current map version. Make sure this is an older version than what is on the disc you are about to install.

Hit the "Load" button and then select "Map." Your GPS will eject the old map disc. On other Toyota models, you will just need to touch the "DVD" button on the "Map DVD" screen.

Insert the new maps disc and close the CD drawer.

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