Micronta 4003 Operating Instructions

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The Micronta 4003 metal detector is used to search for valuable items such as jewellery or coins. The 4003 has been discontinued, but the brand is still widely available online or at retail stores. The operating instructions make a Micronta 4003 easy to use and set up if you purchase a used one or you are just getting started with the one you have.

Power on the Micronta 4003 metal detector by turning the "Volume" knob clockwise. A brief stuttering sound will be emitted when the metal detector is first turned on. Adjust the volume to your preference by turning the knob clockwise to increase the volume or counterclockwise to decrease the volume.

Press and hold the "Auto Tune" button, which is the only red button on the metal detector, and turn the "Tune" knob until the needle is directly over the zero. Point the head of the metal detector away from any metal objects while you are tuning it.

Check the status of the three 9-volt batteries used in the Micronta 4003 by turning the "Test" knob clockwise to each of the "Battery" positions. Note the colour the needle points to at each "Battery" notch. The needle in the green area shows a battery is in good condition, yellow if it is low and red if the battery is no longer active. Turn the "Test" knob clockwise one click back to the "Nor" position

Turn the "Ground" or "GND" knob to match the type of ground you will be reading, such as sand or dirt. If you are using the "GND" knob the "Mode" knob should be on "VLF" (very low frequency.)

Turn the "Mode" knob to "TR1" or "TR2" (trash reject.) The trash-reject levels enable rejecting items such as bottle caps or nails. Then adjust the "Discriminator" knob to "Non-Ferrous Metals" to look for items such as gold and silver or "Ferrous Metals" to look for items such as steel or iron.

Adjust the "Sensitivity" or "SENS" knob to the middle to adjust the receiving coil gain for the metal detector.

Hold the metal detector down and adjust it to an angle that is comfortable for you by turning the wing nut clockwise or counterclockwise. Slowly swing the metal detector over the ground with wide swings about 2 inches off of the ground. You will hear a noise only when you go over detected items.

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