How to Ring a Cell Phone Remotely

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Sometimes you might accidentally misplace your cell phone within your home and you cannot find it anywhere. If you don't have a land line phone that you can use to call it and no one else within range to call it for you, then you need to ring your cell phone remotely. Luckily, thanks to modern technology and the Internet, you can ring a cell phone remotely from your computer so that you can find your misplaced cell phone.

Go to Where's My This website allows you to input your 9-digit cell phone number into the provided text boxes and select when you want your cell phone to ring. You can select from now up to in five minutes. Then simply press the "Make it Ring" button and your cell phone will ring in the time you specified.

Go to Yahoo Yahoo Voice allows you to call landlines and cell phones for a fee. Their lowest option starts at £6. You must have Yahoo Messenger installed on your computer. Once you purchase the package of your choice using your debit or credit card information, you can sign into Yahoo Messenger, click the phone icon and input the 10-digit cell phone number you wish to dial into the text box. Press "Enter" and your cell phone will begin to ring.

Go to With Skype you can call cell phones for a fee as well. You can purchase as much Skype credit as you need to make the call. You must have Skype loaded on your computer. Log in to your Skype account, click the "Call Phones" tab, select the country you wish to call, input the 10-digit cell phone number into the call box and then call the number.

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