How to Make Your Own Faux Water for Artificial Flowers

stalk of a flower in a vase image by mashe from

Faux flower arrangements provide colour and a feeling of the outdoors without the threat of wilted or mildewed flowers. Faux flowers make a practical choice for spaces with small children and pets. They're also semi-permanent, meaning you can reuse them for several years in a row, if you store them properly.

To make your flowers look real, you can create faux water in the vases. Because the water is resin, the flowers are permanently arranged.

Rinse and dry your flower vases thoroughly. Any dust or grime left in the vases will show up permanently once the resin dries, so make sure the vases are as clean as possible. Set them out in a neat row in your work area for easy access.

Measure enough resin in one of your measuring cups to fill a vase halfway. Pour the appropriate amount of activator from your kit into a separate cup. Make sure to measure according to package directions.

Pour the activator into the resin and stir thoroughly with a Popsicle stick. Hold the cup centred over one of your vases and pour in the resin. Quickly slip some faux flowers into the vase, arranging them carefully. Try not to stir the resin too much. A few bubbles are OK, but too many will make your vases look like they're filled with club soda.

Fill and arrange each of your vases just like the first one. Let them cure overnight and display as desired.