How to Remove the Radio from a Mini Cooper

If you're a Mini Cooper owner, you can effectively upgrade the audio system of your Mini by removing the existing, factory-installed radio and replacing it with an aftermarket radio.

Removing the stock radio is the first step, something you can accomplish with hand tools in just a short amount of time, even if you have no previous experience in car audio.

Pry downward on the top edge of the driver's-side knee panel with a panel tool, on both sides of the steering wheel. Let the panel hang down when the top is loose.

Remove two T33 screws from the panel on the left side of the radio with a Torx T33 driver. Open the glove box and remove two T33 screws from the panel on the right side of the radio.

Remove two Phillips screws from the bottom of the cupholder. Lift the cupholder out.

Pry around the edge of the mirror adjustment switch with a panel tool. Remove two Phillips screws from underneath.

Slide the cup holder and gear lever assembly backwards. This will remove the trim from around the radio at the same time.

Loosen and remove four Phillips screws from the sides of the radio. Pull the radio out and disconnect the plugs on the back.