How to Get a Sony Bravia to Automatically Adjust Between 1080i & 720p Channels

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Sony Bravia is a high-definition LCD TV that offers image quality up to 1080 lines of resolution. However, not all HD programming you receive is in full HD, as some stations produce content in 720 (such as ESPN). In order to ensure the 1080i (interlaced) or 720P (progressive) is displayed, you must set the properties on your cable or satellite receiver to the correct display settings.

Power on the Sony Bravia LCD TV and the HD cable/satellite receiver.

Press the "Menu" button on the cable/satellite receiver, then choose the "Options" selection (the exact menu option phrasing might differ slightly, depending on the cable/satellite receiver you are using).

Choose "Aspect Ratio," then select "1080." This ensures the highest-quality video of each station is displayed. When you adjust the television station with the receiver's remote control. If the native station has an image resolution of 1080, it automatically loads in the full 1080i, while a 720P station is display in 720 (even though the TV set to 1080 resolution, the station is only capable of producing 720, and the image is not capable of being up-converted to a higher resolution, so it is displayed in the 720P resolution).

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