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How to Erase Viewing History in Cyberlink Power DVD

Updated April 17, 2017

Cyberlink Power DVD provides a fully functional DVD watching interface, as well as additional features that can't be found on a standalone DVD player. One of the options that it includes is the ability to track all of the movies that have been watched on the computer. The program also provides a record of when and for how long the movie was watched. While this does have its benefits, there can be times when it is desirable to erase the viewing history.

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  1. Click the "Start" or Windows button in the lower left corner of the screen, then select "Programs" or "All Programs".

  2. Scroll to "Cyberlink" and select it, then click "Power DVD".

  3. Click the type of viewing history you wish to delete (Blu-ray or DVD), then select the media playback menu.

  4. Click the "Movie Collection" option.

  5. Click the "Watched with Power DVD" tab.

  6. Select the "Edit" button, which is indicated by an icon with a pencil next to a piece of paper.

  7. Choose the "Delete" option to remove the record from your history. Repeat this step for each record you wish to delete.

  8. Tip

    It is also possible to edit the viewing record from the "Edit" menu of the "Watched with Power DVD" tab, as well as add personal notes about the DVD.

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