How to receive a sky signal on two tvs

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Sky television is a U.K. satellite subscription TV service. The standard set-top box, called a Sky Digibox, has outputs for two TVs, but both must show the same channel, and the second TV will only play mono sound. It uses the basic Sky dish and cabling.

Sky's other model, the high-featured Sky Plus Digibox, uses a dish fitted with a "quad LNB" and comes with an option called "multiroom" for watching Sky channels independently and in stereo in different rooms. This option costs an extra £10 per month.

Connect an antenna lead into the "RF Out 2" connector on the back of the Sky Digibox. Run this lead to the room where the second TV is located and plug it into its antenna connector.

Tune the second TV in to the Sky Digibox signal. You will then see and hear -- in mono only -- the same Sky channel as on the main TV.

If you want to be able to use the remote control with the second TV, buy a remote control extender such as the SLX Link, a Smart Eye or VisionLink. Follow the instructions with the unit to install and set it up. Note that it will simultaneously change the channel on the main TV.

Contact Sky by telephone or from its website for this option, as it must be professionally installed. If you have a standard Sky Digibox, you will need to upgrade your dish to a quad LNB and have additional wiring installed. If you already have a Sky Plus Digibox, you will still need to have new wiring fitted from the dish to the room with the second TV.

The installer will fit a standard Sky Digibox in the room with the second TV. You will be able to watch any Sky channel, completely independently of what is on the main TV.

You can avoid paying the extra subscription fee by taking only the "Freesat" channels on the second TV. Buy a Freesat box and connect it to one of the spare outputs from the Quad LNB.