Hertz is a measurement of frequency in that it describes how many times something happens (known as a cycle) every second. Often used to describe the frequency of sound or electricity, hertz can describe any repetitive action. One millisecond is a standard measurement of time and represents 1/1000 of one second. Both hertz (Hz) and milliseconds (msecs) are time or "period" measurements, and converting Hz to msecs can be accomplished with a basic formula.

Use the formula 1/Hz * 1000, where Hz represents cycles per second. For this example, convert 500 Hz to milliseconds.

Divide the Hz value into one. Enter 1 ÷ 500. This will result in a value of 0.002. This value represents seconds.

Multiply the seconds value by 1000 to derive the milliseconds value. For this example, enter 0.002 x 1000. This results in a value of 2 milliseconds. Record your results.