Alpine 3530 Amplifier Specifications

amplifier knobs image by Darko Draskovic from

The Alpine 3530 amplifier is a bridgeable four-channel amplifier with 350 watts of max power. The amplifier was designed to power interior speakers such as mids and highs. This amplifier has been discontinued and was first released in the late 1980s. It was made by the Japanese electronics firm Alpine.


The Alpine 3530 amplifier has two RCA inputs. This allows the channels to be split with different signals. This is useful when the user wants two channels dedicated to tweeters and two channels dedicated to mids. The user can then isolate the signals allowing for the right frequencies to go to the right speakers.


The Alpine 3530 amplifier has three operational modes -- mid, high and low. These are designed as a crossover to split the signals of the amplifier. There is also a gain control that increases the volume output and a frequency cut-off switch.


This amplifier can be bridged, meaning that the four channels can be combined into two or even one. This allows the amp to power a 350-watt subwoofer or two 150-watt speakers.