How to connect a second cable to the Sky dish LNB

Image by; Flickr.

Get more value from your Sky satellite television subscription by adding extra decoders to your existing Sky satellite dish. You will need to run an additional coaxial cable from your Sky TV dish if you want to watch Sky TV on a second television set.

Sky Plus decoders with integrated digital video recorders also need an extra dish feed so you can watch one Sky channel while recording another. Running a second cable from the Sky TV satellite dish LNB (Low Noise Block) converter doesn't require specialist knowledge, but it will add value to your dish.

Calculate the amount of high-grade satellite coaxial cable you will need to run an additional Sky TV feed from the satellite dish to the Sky Plus decoder or second standard Sky receiver connected to a television set.

Access your Sky TV satellite dish with a ladder, steps or raised platform.

Check the LNB at the end of the satellite dish arm. The LNB must have a spare signal output jack to provide a second feed.

Detach the existing LNB if it has only a single output jack. Unscrew the existing coaxial cable from the signal output jack. Unclip the LNB unit from the dish arm. On older Sky dishes you will need to unscrew the LNB from the dish arm.

Attach the new LNB, with more than one signal output jack, to the satellite dish arm. Reconnect the original feed cable to one of the LNB signal outputs.

Install high-grade RG-6 satellite coaxial cable from the location of your Sky Plus box or second Sky TV receiver to the satellite dish. Create passage holes through walls with a power drill. Keep the cable run as short as possible to reduce signal loss. Secure the cable by using cable clamps or ties every 1 metre.

Fix a coaxial cable connector to the satellite dish end of the new feed cable. Screw this on to a spare signal output jack on the dish LNB.

Attach a coaxial cable connector to the decoder box end of the new feed cable. Connect this to the "Antenna In" jack on the rear panel of the Sky TV box.