How to remove cat urine odors from carpet

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No matter how much you love your cat, nobody enjoys the smell of cat urine in the air. Cat urine has a particularly strong smell due to its ammonia content. To reclaim your house and make it smell clean again, you'll need to completely eliminate the urine from the carpet. This will also help prevent future accidents, as cats smell their way to their bathrooms and may think that previous accident spots are their new potties. Fortunately, a thorough rinsing and homemade cleaning products will get rid of that pesky odour.

Rinse the urine spot with water, even if it has been cleaned before. If odour lingers, it means urine is still trapped in the carpet. Adding water to the spot will liquefy the urine for cleaning.

Soak up the water and urine by placing newspapers and paper towels on top. Stand on the padding for approximately one minute, as the Humane Society recommends. Repeat until the area is relatively dry.

Rinse the area a second time, especially if you noticed urine during the first rinsing. A second wash with cool water will ensure the area is completely free of urine.

Create a deodorising concoction of 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1 tbsp of baking soda and a squirt of liquid hand soap or hand dishwashing soap such as Dawn, recommends Cat World.

Pour some of the homemade deodoriser to the cleansed urine spot. Gently rub it in if desired.

Rinse the spot with warm water. Dry with paper towels or allow the spot to air dry.

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