How to Turn on Presentation Mode on a Dell Laptop

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Dell is a popular manufacturer of Windows-based desktop and laptop computers. Dell laptops are commonly used in education and business to compose and conduct presentations or watch videos on external displays or projectors.

Configuring a laptop to display video on secondary displays can be cumbersome, but Dell laptops have a tool called Quickset that allows users to turn on a presentation mode quickly and easily. Newer Dell laptops running Windows 7 or Vista can use the Windows Mobility Center instead of Quickset.

Locate the Quickset icon on the taskbar. The Quickset icon looks like a capital Q and S. Quickset is a feature for Dell laptops running Windows 2000 and XP.

Click on the Quickset icon.

Click "Turn On Presentation Mode" in the drop-down list. You can turn presentation mode off by following steps 1 and 2 and then clicking "Turn Off Presentation Mode."

Click "Start" and type "Mobility Center" into the search box.

Click "Windows Mobility Center" in the search results.

Click "Turn on" under "Presentation Settings." The status of the presentation settings box will change to "Presenting." Click "Turn off" to stop presenting.