Duracell Quick Charger Instructions

The Duracell Quick Charger allows owners of rechargeable Duracell batteries the opportunity to bring their AAA and AA batteries back to life more expeditiously than a traditional battery charger.

Rechargeable batteries of this size are an ideal choice for commonly used items, including flashlights, portable stereos, children's toys and wireless video game controllers that eat up batteries quickly. The use of rechargeable batteries also cuts down on the ground pollution caused by single-use batteries, which contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and nickel, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Connect the unit's power cord to the unit and to a wall outlet. Watch for a red light to come on, as this indicates that the Quick Charger is operating correctly and ready for use.

Insert the AA or AAA batteries into the unit.

Allow the batteries to charge fully before removing them. A full charge is indicated by a solid green light. The amount of time the batteries need to charge will depend upon the number of batteries in the unit. For instance, according to the Duracell Quick Charger instructions, it will take approximately three hours to charge two AAA or two AA batteries and six hours to fully charge four AAA or AA batteries.

Remove the batteries from the unit and use it as desired. Unplug the charger, remove the cord from the main unit and store it.