How to Download Free Garmin Maps

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Garmin is a company that produces GPS devices and maps. There are several different models of the device that the company produces. Some of these GPS devices have expandable memory which allows users to download new maps. This is useful for updating maps of areas due to road closures, construction or new roads. Maps are available for purchase from the Garmin Online Store, and they offer several free downloads as well. There are also third-party GPS map makers that offer free maps.

Visit the website of your choice that has free Garmin maps available, such as Garmin's home page (see Resources). Search for free updates on the Garmin site by entering the "nuMaps" section and inputting the device number.

Search through the list of available maps on the site. You can search based on country, state or city name.

Check the compatibility of the map with your device. If you use a third-party site, they generally list the manufacturers and models of GPS devices for which the maps are meant.

Click on the "Download" button next to the compatible Garmin map. Save the file to the computer in a recognisable location.

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