How to Fix My Sleep Number Bed

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Sleep Number beds, manufactured by Select Comfort, offer adjustable comfort and mattress firmness levels with each side of a double bed individually adjustable. Air chambers underneath a foam comfort pad inflate and deflate according to the setting you dial on the control where 100 is the firmest and 0 is the softest.

Although the bed is supposed to stay at the setting you select, you may find yourself experiencing sudden air loss or perhaps complete loss of power. A couple of common fixes may solve your problems.

Check that the unit is plugged into a working power receptacle.

Make sure the bed isn't plugged into a receptacle with an on/off switch. If it is, flip the switch to make sure the circuit is on.

Make sure the fuse in your electrical panel hasn't blown. If it has, other appliances or lights on the circuit will also be not working and the fuse will be flipped or popped in your panel.

Check that the hose connectors snap together tightly. The hose connectors are located at the head of the bed, at the top of each air chamber, under the foam comfort pad.

Make sure the o-rings on the hose connectors aren't worn. If they are, replace them.

Inspect the air hoses for cracking or other damage. Cracked hoses can leak air.

Over inflate your sleep number bed by 15. For example, if your bed is normally set to 60, inflate it to 75.

Remove the hose from the air chamber and quickly place a cap on the end of the hose (the caps should have come with the bed's original kit).

Leave the bed for 48 hours, then reconnect the hoses. If the bed has softened during this time, contact customer service for a technician to look at the bed. Otherwise, you can repeat this process to re-stabilise the bed should it soften again.