How to get rid of squirrels with poison

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Some people may think squirrels are cute and fun to watch from time to time, but they can also be an extreme menace to your home and garden. Squirrels will feed on just about anything, including pet food, flowers, nuts and birdseed. They can also chew through your roof and get into your attic or chimney.

If you have a squirrel problem, using poison is one method of getting rid of the population.

Buy a rat poison from your local hardware or home improvement shop.

Walk around your house and yard to determine which places are attracting the squirrels, such as your dog's food bowl on the back deck or a particular spot on the roof.

Fill a small bowl with a liberal amount of the poison. Place the bowl in an area away from any children or pets.

Leave the poison out overnight. Check the area around the poison or the grounds of your home for dead squirrels.

Use gloves and a shovel to place the dead carcases into a trash bag for disposal.